Billy's House of Guitars

in Glenwood, Arkansas

In the beautiful Ouachita Mountains, near Lake Greeson

Alene has been appearing nearly every Tuesday in Glenwood, Arkansas at Billy's House of Guitars. Billy's House of Guitars is a recording studio and guitar museum located in Glenwood, Arkansas. Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, the taping starts, and the resulting recording is broadcast on 4 stations in the area on Saturday morning.

The Front Porch Pickin Band consists of Billy Herrell, the owner of Billy's House of Guitars, on guitar and vocal, Perry Buster (guitar and vocal), Herbie Meeks (steel guitar and fiddle), Carl Herrell (banjo), Lonnie Meeks (upright bass), Hank Cunningham (guitar and vocal), Sandy Faulkner (guitar and vocal), nine year old Rachel Lynn (vocal), Jerry Fullerton (vocal), and Alene (guitar and vocal). Guests (some of them well-known and others just talented good folks) are always welcome to come in and perform.

On Wednesday morning, beginning at 10:30 a.m., there is a jam session, usually ending with a trip down to the City Cafe for lunch. Come down and watch, or listen for us on the radio.

The Front Porch Pickin' Band

Sandy Faulkner--vocal and rhythm guitar, Billy Herrell -- vocal and lead guitar, Perry Buster -- guitar and vocal

Lonnie Meeks -- upright bass, Alene Bock -- rhythm guitar and vocal

Herb Meeks -- steel guitar, Carl Herrell -- banjo

Alene Bock -- vocals and rhythm guitar

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